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Ambitious but Unsuccessful in Love?

Join the Choose the Right Partner Challenge: It’s time to lean into love, invest in your personal happiness, and successfully attract the right partner. Are you up for the Challenge?


Let’s chart your course to love… to that effortless, joy-filled love you’ve been praying for!

Is your puzzle missing a piece?

You’re caught in a whirlwind of the same old, same old.

The faces change, but the plot never does.

Finding love seems elusive.

And tiring because other people have both, love and coins.

You’re left wondering, “Where have all the good ones gone?

Playing it safe but still experiencing heartache and disappointment.

Grinding gets interrupted.

Start casually dating with no real connection.

“All of them are the same” – you think. 

The missing piece of the puzzle- a fulfilling and lasting love.

Despite being successful in your professional life, the world of dating seems to present an entirely different challenge, full of fears and uncertainties.

Fears like…

The path to finding the right partner feels foggy. The fears are real and the uncertainties, overwhelming. 

You’re left asking: 

In these moments of doubt, it’s so tempting to just focus on what you can control: your job, your business, your family, your finances. 

But that same self-awareness and determination that drives you to seek solutions and growth in your professional life won’t let you throw in the towel, protect your heart, and retreat. 

Deep down, you want to figure this out. Because you want love. 

Now here’s the thing: 

You can be equally successful in love. You CAN change your story.

You don’t have to feel stuck forever. There’s a lesson to learn, and a new path to take. 

And you deserve to find a partner who is truly, genuinely aligned with you!

Ready to open the doors to love and start a new journey? Let’s begin here.


Choose the Right Partner Challenge!

(This is not about finding a ‘quick-fix’ or a ‘how-to-get-a-date-in-5-days’ guide.)

Oh no, this one-of-a-kind challenge is designed to put you back in the driver’s seat of your dating life.

We’re going to dig deep, dive into the truths about why it’s so challenging to find the right partner despite your success in other areas of life, and most importantly, we’re going to flip the script. 

"You're Missing Out!"

Just dropping in to say IF you haven’t joined the Choose the Right Partner Challenge- You’re MISSING OUT! 💃💃 It was SO MAGICAL today and I’m so excited to expand in love with you all! 💛

— Qiara Johnson


Let's Rewrite Your Love Story, Shall We?

Here’s what the 5-Day Masterclass will bring to your love life:

Master the Art of Selection

Ever wished for a foolproof way to pick the right partner? We've got the secret recipe. Uncover how to confidently choose the partner who adds value to your life, not drama.

Decode Your Dating DNA

Ever feel like you're running in circles with your dating choices? Our challenge will help you crack your unique dating code. Discover the patterns that have been holding you back.

Bust Love Myths Wide Open

Tired of clichés like “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT?” We'll break down these myths, dispel the illusions, and reveal what truly makes a relationship work.

Fear? What Fear?

Do jitters take over every time you consider dating? Let's show fear the door. Equip yourself with potent strategies to transform fear into excitement.

Design Your Love Blueprint

Love isn’t a game of chance. It’s a journey of strategic choices. Learn how to craft a love blueprint that draws the right partner to you, almost like a magnet.

Fall in Love with Yourself

Embrace your worth, know that you are deserving of a love as extraordinary as you are.

“I know [P.G.] is not the best for my growth and have a new sense of self appreciation."

— challenge Attendee


Who am I?

Hey there!

Dr. Roz

I’m Dr. Roz, your guide in this journey beyond love.

Over the years, I’ve counseled countless couples, witnessed the rollercoaster of emotions – the blissful highs, the gut-wrenching lows, and those heartbreakingly intricate moments in between.

One thing stood out – the heartache of being with the wrong partner and the grueling effort to patch things up in therapy.

I couldn’t help but think – there must be an easier way.

And guess what? There is.

The secret to a truly fulfilling relationship isn’t about mending cracks in therapy.

It’s about laying the right foundation from the very beginning.

That’s what this 5-Day Challenge is all about.

I’m thrilled to share my Forecasting approach with you, a strategy to predict the success of your relationship before you over invest.  And one that’s going to change the way you think about love and relationships.

Ready for a challenge of a lifetime? Let’s dive in!


"Don't want this challenge to end!!!"

I enjoyed our class again today! I am learning a lot in each session. Dr. Lillian Gibson was great. I don’t want this challenge to end!!!

— Brynda Leigh


Here's Your 5-Day Love Roadmap...

Day 1: The Power of Forecasting Sunday, October 29, 2023

On the first day, we lift the lid on 'Forecasting' and its pivotal role in turning a lackluster dating life into a passionate, connected partnership. You'll learn why this method is the secret sauce to kick-starting a successful relationship.

Day 2: The Hunt for 'The One' Monday, October 30, 2023

Day two uncovers two pathways to finding your perfect match. (Hint: One pathway works wonders even if you're skeptical about the concept of 'the one'.) And for an extra treat, we'll be joined by special guest, Dr. Lillian S. Gibson.

Dr. Lillian S. Gibson
Clinical Psychologist & Author of Miss to Mrs.

Day 3: Unlock the Secrets of Choosing the Right Partner Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Day three unveils how to spot the right partner among the sea of potential dates. We'll also reveal how to strategically plan for long-term relationship success.

Day 4: Dive into the Dating Pool
Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Day four demystifies how to fill your calendar with compatible matches using a simple, proven secret to broaden your dating pool organically. Plus, we share a potent online dating strategy to double your matches overnight, with insights from special guest, Qiara Johnson

Qiara Johnson

Day 5: Craft Unforgettable First Dates- Thursday, November 2, 2023 |8 PM EST/7 PM CST

Day five is all about making an unforgettable impression on your first date. We'll share strategies for planning a memorable first date, and a timeless dating technique that will leave your dates captivated. You'll learn how to date RIGHT and stand out in a crowd of singles.

"Tons of Gems!"

I keep telling my friends they NEED this Masterclass! You dropped a ton of gems!!!”

— Schelo Dorin


This Is Your Moment.

This is your opportunity to shift from fear and uncertainty to confidence and clarity in your love life.

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